Reactive Dogs

In addition to our behavioural consultation service, we also offer 'Reactive Dog' courses for those dogs that have issues around other dogs.

This course is a four lesson course, which uses force-free, reward based desensitisation and counterconditioning to help your dog feel more confident around other dogs. We aim to keep the course as stress free as possible with screen in place to avoid contact and fences between dogs as needed.

On the course you will learn how to avoid reactive moments on walks, tell when your dog is getting uncomfortable and change your dogs underlying emotion when he sees another dog.

  • Lesson 1 - Distraction techniques, understanding your dogs body language and work your dog with stuffie dogs.
  • Lesson 2 - Begin to work your dog with real dogs.
  • Lesson 3 - Group walk to put what you have learned into practise.
  • Lesson 4 - Group walk with your classmates and previous graduates.

Dogs are generally reactive towards other dogs either through fear or through frustration. Reactivity can also be learned or due to a medical issue. It is important that we assess your dog prior to the Reactive Dog course in order to be sure the course will meet your needs. Severely reactive dogs, or dogs with other issues as well as reactive behaviour around other dogs may benefit from a behaviour consultation before joining this course.

A referral from your vet is required to join this course - this helps us rule out underlying medical issues as a cause of your dogs reactivity.

The course cost is £150. There are a maximum of 4 places on each course. Please note this course is held outdoors.

After the course you will be invited to join our reactive dog graduates group on Facebook, this allows you to meet up with other owners and their reactive dogs on walks to help with your dogs progress. Via this group you can access further training sessions and our RD agility group.

Our week four walks may or may not include recent graduates, depending on covid restrictions and graduate availability. 

Our next available course starts April 2023.

Bouncy Dogs: Please note, we also run a group for dogs that react less strongly to other dogs, and in a friendly manner. Please ask if you think this group might be more appropriate.

Please email for more info or to book.

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What our clients say…

 Very good introduction to obedience for Emerson, but excellent learning for us on how to teach him. 


 Thank you for the help you have given me with the training of Otto. I hope that your business goes from strength to strength as you are an excellent teacher. 

Sophie Hearnden

 Jenny has been an invaluable part of our lives since we bought our first ever puppy. The puppy and improver classes gave us the skills needed to help develop our puppy into a wonderfully rounded, sociable and fun dog to be with. Jenny's knowledge, patience and calm nature is so reassuring for us and we look forward to her classes every week as our one year old grows from strength to strength in her training - not to mention how much fun our lively dog has in her classes, she simply adores Jenny! We also use Jenny's dog sitting and walking services, which is an amazing resource to be able to call upon. Jenny is 100% trustworthy, reliable and caring - a combination that is as valuable as gold dust. Suffice to say we feel sorry for people that don't have Jenny in their lives. 

Louise & Chris Full with Bella

 Thank you so much for coming today. We are really impressed with your ideas and we can see Bella is already responding. 

Jane Green

 Jenny came to meet our puppy Milo as he was scared of other dogs and displaying signs of separation anxiety.  Jenny spent an hour with us, and gave us some tips of how to help Milo work things out.  Namely, introduced tasty treats, of cheese and chicken/ ham pieces, playing "find it", and distracting him when other dogs are approaching, and so on. We followed Jenny's advice to the letter, and he is now doing brilliantly! He looks at other dogs, and greets appropriately, then looks to me for a treat, knowing he has done well! 

Gemma & Lucy Vinall with Milo

 A fun learning experience for my puppy, he has turned into a very well-mannered dog thanks to the help of the puppy classes 

Emily Pearce

 Jenny has been great training Jack & Jill, from day one I have seen improvements and they are a joy to live with; I have never had such well trained dogs. Jenny has been really patient and has helped me find ways to train the puppies around my commitments, even taking them for intensive training when I have been busy studying. Two puppies at once may not have been the best idea, but Jenny has helped me make it work and I wouldn't trade them for the world 

Annette Garman

 Jenny is very good. Has been much help to me and Rio 

June Goff

 Jenny's dog training classes were excellent. Her clear and calm approach worked well with our excitable puppy 

Claire Pettit

 Jenny's improver classes were fantastic for my lively rescue dog, Sam. Her patience and understanding with both of us, and innovative approaches to his behavioural issues have been invaluable. Sam is now a much calmer, happier dog who adores Jenny! 

Jenny Newson

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